This is how you make a bed perfectly

Making a bed can make a messy room look tidy, and a tidy room with an unmade bed can look like a pigsty. If you can spare a couple of minutes from your morning routine, you’ll end up with a cleaner looking room, and you’ll actually be happier (I’ve got links on the blog to articles about this).

It’s quite easy to do. 

Some people like hospital corners, or hotel corners, as they are sometimes called. I show you a quick and easy way to do these. My sheets are silk, so the hospital corners don’t come out as crisply as they would with cotton sheets. 

Smoothing your sheets each step of the way is important, that way you remove wrinkles from the bedding. Just use your hand. Home stagers use fabric steamers! 

A lot of people want to know how frequently to wash their linens. Well, you can wash your bed sheets every week or two. If you don’t, you get this stale, stuffy smell that permeates your whole room. It’s gross. 

Your duvet or other blankets can be cleaned every 3 months or so. 

We also get asked about mattress protectors. Should they be used? Yes, if you can get one, use one. Mattresses are expensive, so protect your investment with a mattress cover. 

Finally, putting on a duvet cover is something we get asked frequently. We demonstrate a quick way to put on a duvet cover in the video. I recommend getting someone to help you with this, as it does cut the time in half. 

Credit: Clean My Space