Our Story

The Smile Positive Story

Hi friends,

Welcome to SmilePositive.com.  Smile Positive started as a small and personal happiness project.  I quickly realized though how big and public SmilePositive.com could and should be.  You see, just like most, I was tired of feeling unhappy about being surrounded by so much bad news.  Bad news on television, bad news on the radio and bad news all over the internet. Instead of ignoring all the bad news though, I decided to fight it.  With what you ask?  Well with positive stories and videos of course.  Not only positive stories and videos but also with stories and videos that will make you smirk, chuckle, giggle or even laugh out load.  Stories and videos filled with happiness, silliness, love, cuteness, adorableness, inspiration and knowledge.

Smile Positive is made up of individuals committed to one common goal.  To share only positive, feel good, funny, uplifting and inspirational stories and videos with the world.  Simple as that.

We want anyone who visits us, to leave us feeling happier than when they first arrived.  The goal is to have everyone who visits us, share the website with at least one person they know could use a smile.  Who knows, if we all share SmilePositive.com with someone and they share it with someone and so on, then we have a great chance of fighting some of the bad news with good.  So pass it on and remember to Smile Positive:-)